Introducing Lulu + Claus: Event Planning, Styling and Rentals

New beginnings. They’re always a little daunting, right?! But when you have a dream and clear direction it can also feel just right. My particular dream has been in the making for a good 12 months now. So, I’m pretty thrilled to introduce you to my pride and joy: Lulu + Claus.

For those who know me, I’m sure it comes as no surprise that I’ve started my own event styling and planning business. Suffice it to say the endless calendar invites, party hosting, over-the-top decorating and mandatory fancy dress codes that you’ve been subject to over the years are evidence enough that this was my calling. In hindsight, I really should have figured it out a long time ago!

My hubby, Claus, and I got married 4 months ago in Australia (keep your eyes peeled for all the juicy details on Lulu + Claus!). After meticulously planning our wedding right down to the last detail from the other side of the world (Canada, eh!), I had a lightbulb moment. Why don’t I do what I love, every day? I literally LOVE planning events. And I’m kinda not bad at it.

I appreciate that all events, big or small,  require significant time to plan, from design concept all the way through to execution. I understand that locating the perfect venue and sourcing the most reliable team of vendors is vital to an events success. I am experienced with planning corporate events that require extreme professionalism, but also personal events that you pour your heart and soul into, that require sensitivity and character.

Thus begins my journey with Lulu + Claus. Designing unique events which provide a memorable experience is my number one objective – and most likely yours too if that’s why you’re here!

So, I’d love to hear about YOU. Are you planning an event? Or maybe you’ve just got engaged and need ideas for your wedding? How did you find us? What are you looking for? Throw me a line and introduce yourself! Let’s chat about bringing your vision to life!

Lauren | Founder & Event Planner
Lulu + Claus


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